Thursday, December 15, 2016

Public Adjusting rules and guidelines

 Hi this is Mark Houser

again, and this is the third video, let’s go over, what are some of the rules and guidelines when adjusting claims. Well, first one is Bad Faith, we will get into these a little later, next one is Break Points and the next one is, what are some of Insurance Adjusters Rules what are the guidelines that they follow. Bad Faith is more of a law, it is different in every state, basically the 1st one is. The failure of the insurance company for to settle during either the investigation or the trail when the proper opportunity is presented. In Other words they need to show really good faith. #2 The failure for to carry on negotiations, in other words, they are not going to even listen to you, they made up their mind, do whatever they want. #3 The failure for to investigate all of the facts necessary for to protect the insured. They do have a little bit opportunity there and they need to take it cause if they don’t they are going to be hit with bad faith, the state of Pennsylvania they have to pay what they owe + 2 ½  times more it’s a good smack in the head.
How about state farm just ask them, it’s one of the few places, that they are actually good, rest of the country there not all that great. Basically Pennsylvania and New Jersey, because of bad faith.
Break Points, before we get into breakpoints, you have to understand the thing about continuous, basically it means, going on and on, it could be walls, could be floors, could be almost anything, and what makes a break? Molding on walls, ceilings and floors. Doors going into another room. Otherwise the door closing is stopping it and making a breaking point. Going from one kind of material to another. We go from wallpaper, to paint, or carpet to wooden floors, so those, kind of things.
Line of sight as is used on a roof or siding. As far as I can see, if I can see it all that’s they would be considering a break point, even though you can’t find, line of sight, anywhere in the policy.
Insurance Adjusters Rules they are truly different here's why. The Client is only deserving what they had before and no more! (but the rest of the rule is and ‘no less.” They don’t want to pay you up to what you had before. They aren’t worried that you get less than what you really deserve.)
Here’s another one. Let me see what I can make the client settle for. You don’t know what is really going on. They automatically make you think they that they are in charge. Let me give you another one. If I can’t actually properly argue the point, then I’m going to find myself, an expert who can. Experts you know what they are an ex is a has bin and spurt is a drip into pressure. Remember if you need to call me 215 499 8629 I love helping people to become public adjusters. Or go to my website where I have some courses to help you get started in public adjusting

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